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1. Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web Price $14.9
2. How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome InsteadPrice $3.99
3. How to Launch, Fund, and Set Your Startup on FirePrice $2.9
4. Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 DaysPrice $4.99
5. Client Oriented WordPress DevelopmentPrice $18.9
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    6. Step by Step UI Design
    Price $11.9
    7. Speed Up Your StartupPrice $9.95
    8. Designer’s Survival GuidePrice $9.99
    9. Threads Not DeadPrice $49.95
    10. CopyHackers Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come FromPrice $14.9
    11. The Big Book of Font CombinationsPrice $19.95
    12. 50 Monster Ideas to Get More Website Links & CustomersPrice $9.95
    13. Smashing Book #3⅓ — The ExtensionPrice $4.99
    14. How to Build Websites that Sell: The Scientific Approach to WebsitesPrice $4.99
    15. The Startup Guide to DifferentiationPrice $28.9
    16. CopyHackers Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to ActionPrice $18.99
    17. CopyHackers Book 3: Headlines, Subheads and Value PropositionsPrice $18.99
    18. CopyHackers Book 2: Formatting and the Essentials of Web WritingPrice $18.99
    Total Price $273
    Disounted Price $25
    Disount Rate 90% OFF
    • Available in 55 PDF Pages Price: $18.99

    CopyHackers Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From
    by Copy Hackers Price Was: $18.99

    Chapters in This Messaging Ebook

    • Great Copy Follows a (Simple) Messaging Strategy
    • Get to Know Your Customer Before You Write a Word
    • Write Copy for 20 to 35% of Your Visitors - Not 100% of Them
    • How to Find & Document Your Features & Benefits
    • Should You Write Copy in the Positive or the Negative?
    • Create Smart Messages with Keyword Research & Content Audits
    • Always Have a (Simple) Messaging Hierarchy in Mind
    • 8 Messaging Tips Too Small for Whole Chapters

    Read This Ebook to Answer Questions Like...

    • What's the difference between a feature and a benefit?
    • What is the #1 conversion trick old-school Madison Avenue copywriters taught us?
    • What one technique can save me $1000s in research?
    • Will a complex offer work better than a simple one?
    • Why might the children of marketing managers burn their hands more often?

    • Available in 54 PDF Pages Price: $18.99

    CopyHackers Book 2: Formatting and the Essentials of Web Writing
    by CopyHackers Price Was: $18.99

    When you format right, you get the added bonus of less-fatigued visitors, better UX and simpler navigation.

    Chapters in This Ebook

    • Format Your Copy to Be Scanned
    • The Essentials of Formatting Copy
    • The Great Big List of Little (But Critical) Web Writing Details
    • Avoid These 17 Copywriting Pitfalls
    • Debunking the Most Deleterious & Crippling Web Writing Myths

    Read This Ebook to Answer Questions Like...

    • What can Stanley Kubrick teach us about formatting web copy?
    • Where should your third-most important point go in a list?
    • How do SEO keywords fit into my copy formatting?
    • Why should we model our copy after Dr. Seuss?
    • What are the 2 most overused marketing messages ever?
    • Available in 52 PDF Pages Price: $18.99

    CopyHackers Book 3: Headlines, Subheads and Value Propositions
    by CopyHackers Price Was: $18.99

    Chapters in This Ebook

    • Spend 90% of Your Copywriting Time on the Headline
    • The 7 Secrets of Attention-Grabbing Headlines
    • 9 Formulas You Can Use to Write Headlines Today
    • Subheads: The Mini-Headline
    • Quick Power Tips for Headings and Subheadings
    • The Value Proposition
    • BONUS! Headline Hall of Shame

    Read This Ebook to Answer Questions Like...

    • What is a value "proposition"?
    • Is there anything fundamentally different between a headline and a subhead?
    • How do I write a headline?
    • How do I take my headlines from ho-hum to kick-ass?
    • What are some examples of great value propositions, headings and subheadings?
    • What am I doing wrong with my headlines?

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    Available in 55 PDF Pages Price: $18.99

    CopyHackers Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action
    by CopyHackers Price Was: $18.99

    Chapters in This Ebook

    • Create Crystal Clear, Butt-Kicking Calls to Action
    • Swipe This Copy for Your Own Buttons
    • To Get Buttons Clicked, You Need to Stomp Down Objections First
    • Before They Click, Reduce Their Anxiety and Increase Their Love for Your Company
    • The Undiscussed, Much-Coveted Secret: Click Triggers
    • How to Get People to Fill In Your Sign-Up Fields and Watch Your Demos

    Read This Ebook to Answer Questions Like...

    The Startup Guide to Differentiation
    by CopyHackers Price Was: $28.99

    Explore Different Possibilities

    And that means going beyond unsticky messages like cheap, easy, time-saving and money-saving.

    Consider 9 Differentiators

    Shortlist Your Options

    Each of the 9 differentiator-focused chapters includes examples for these 4 startup types:

    How to Build Websites that Sell: The Scientific Approach to Websites
    by HyperLink Price $4.99

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  • Available in PDF, Kindle & ePub Price: $14.9

    Smashing Book #3 - Redesign The Web
    by Smashingmagazine Price: $14.9

    It also presents practical HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript techniques and also presents a bulletproof workflow for responsive Web design. Well-respected professionals have poured their heart and expertise into their contributions. The Smashing Book #3 consists of 11 quality chapters with expert advice, practical techniques and tips.

    Available in PDF, Kindle & ePub Price: $4.99

    Smashing Book #3⅓ - The Extension
    by Smashingmagazine Price: $4.99

    Smashing Book 3⅓, otherwise known as "The Extension", presents practical applications of storytelling to Web design, reviews emerging navigation design patterns and helps you understand how to meaningfully employ content strategy in your websites.

    The Big Book of Font Combinations
    by Bonfx Price: $19.95

    The font pairings in BBOFC will inspire you and give you back time you need for your design projects. Use the font combination examples straight out of the BBOFC in your next project, with other typeface software, or use them as a springboard for your own creativity. However you use the BBOFC, it's bound to inspire and is a trustworthy companion to consult for all kinds of design projects and general study of typography.


    • 100% Vector PDF: A feature of the PDF version is that all the type is 100% vector. This means you can zoom in using your PDF reader of choice, and get up and close to all the typographic goodness you want.
    • Typefaces you know and love: The author's independent research, coupled with several other sources, yielded a matrix of the most popular fonts in graphic design history. He took over 50 of top typefaces and combined them amongst themselves, yielding over 350 typeface pairings.
    • Fantastically faster than fiddling with fonts: In order to try fonts on your system, you have 1) find the font in your font manager, 2) activate the font, 3) go back to your design app, 4) re-select the text, 5) wade through the font list until you find what you just activated, and finally 6) re-adjust the point size. To create a typeface pairings, you have to do this twice, if not multiple times, to get what you are after. The BBOFC can greatly reduce if not eliminate this cycle for some projects.

    What you will get

    • 370 packed pages of font combination ideas
    • Dozens and dozens of the most popular typefaces of all time
    • Uses many of the mbti personality test you already own
    • Affordable, practical, inspirational
    • Fully searchable, indexed, and clickable PDF

    How to Stop Sucking and Be Awesome Instead
    by Hyperlink Price $3.99

    What's in the book?

    • How to Stop Sucking
    • Programming
    • Web Design Principles
    • Testing
    • Know Your User
    • And More!

    Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 Days
    by DoubleYourFreelancingRate Price $4.99

    Here's how this ebook will help you transform your freelancing business in just two weeks:

    • You'll understand how your clients react to price
    • You'll be able to position yourself to deliver more value to your clients at a higher rate
    • You'll know why clients try to negotiate rates, and how to stand your ground
    • You'll end with a start-to-finish strategy that will help you close higher value deals
    • You'll put together a 5 year plan for continually growing your freelancing business


    Step by Step UI Design
    by SachaGreif Price $11.99


    • 20 steps that take you from blank canvas to rich web app
    • 11 design principles that you can apply to your own project
    • 38 PNG screenshots for every intermediary step
    • Illustrated examples from other apps and sites
    • [Deluxe Edition] A well-organized PSD with all the elements
    • What's not inside: anything about HTML/CSS implementation

    Burning Entrepreneur: How to Launch, Fund, and Set Your Startup on Fire
    by Hyperlink Price $2.99

    What's in the book?

    • A comprehensive "attitude plan" for entrepreneurs
    • Advice from successful entrepreneur Brad Feld
    • Checklist to falling in love with and running a successful business
    • Tips to becoming a better leader

    Speed Up Your Startup
    by SpeedUpYourStartup Price $9.95

    Benefit from research and experience

    Client oriented wordPress development
    by ClientWP Price: $18.99

    Who should read this book?

    Chapter Outline

    1. Part 1: Introduction
      1. What is this Book About?
      2. Who is this Book for?
      3. Client Oriented WordPress?
      4. The History of WordPress
    2. Part 2: Client Planning and Preparation
      1. Everything Begins with the Client
      2. Planning for a Client Project
    3. Part 3: Working with WordPress
      1. WordPress Setup
      2. Theme Development
      3. Plugins
      4. Best Practices
    4. Part 4: Hand Off and Application
      1. Client Training
      2. Workflow in Practice

    50 Monster Ideas to Get More Website Links & Customers
    by Toddle Price: $9.95

    This book is designed to provide more actionable items per $ than a typical marketing book.

    Do you need to get your website to the top of Google?

    In this book learn proven ideas to build the profile of businesses big and small all over the world.

    Designer's Survival Guide
    by Designerssurvivalguide Price: $9.99

    What's included:

    • Sweet Press Releases 101
      Potter shares her wealth of PR knowledge in this article that guides the Designer through planning, writing and releasing a press release for wider exposure of his work. Maximizing search engine optimization (SEO) for your press release is also covered.
    • 50 Web Development Tips & Reminders
      50 excellent tips is this 7 page article that cover hosting, css, code, project management and more, from a web designer to you.
    • Photo Faux Pas - Image Mistakes to Guard Against
      When we as Designers need that ‘certain color' nothing beats a properly calibrated monitor and system set up. The author tells you how. Archiving issues covered too.
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      Package Design Like a Pro

      Package design is a great design area to get into, and these tips will give you an inside track on what you need to do and review while starting a packaging/structural design project.
    • The Logo Design Process
      Everyone has their process (if you are a designer, that is!), but sometimes learning how others go about their branding/identity/logo work, from initial thumbnail to finished .eps file, can be quite useful, and entertaining. Designer, Mark Misenheimer, shares his steps.
    • Breaking Your Creative Blocks
      Creatives spend their lives trying to be different, but are you really doing that daily? Here are some tips that will help your creativity be more…er, creative.
    • Creating Your Own Graphic Design Synergistic Community
      Other Designers in your area may seem like your competition. And you know what? They are. Yet, they can also be friends and a source not only of networking and feedback, but sincere friendships on kindred Creatives! This article tells how we did it in the Atlanta Metro area.
    • SOS!—I Need a Tagline!
      Write a creative tagline the right way with this brief guide, using tips, tricks and even "Aha" moments.
    • Social Media Treasure Map
      Social Media strategist Jason Jeong shares his knowledge of Social Media and what it can do to help you as a Designer get noticed and get more work.
    • Transitioning from Ad Agency to Be a Solo Creative
      Downsized or rightsized or just exercising your right to be in business for your self. This guide gives you facts you can use not only to survive but to thrive on your own.

    Threads Not Dead
    by GoMedia Price: $49.95

    Key topics include design

    • Design, freelancing, band merchandise, personal branding, marketing, sales, printing & production, retail, business strategy, and e-commerce.

    More in e-Books Bundle