How to setup a new business in Switzerland or purchase a Swiss ready-made shelf company UNIKOM will help you incorporate a tax-free company in cantons Zurich, Zug, Basel, Luzern, Geneva, Vaud (Lausanne)                                             We will assist you to invest in Switzerland and will represent your company in Switzerland                                               UNIKOM will provide you a full range of accounting, taxation and financial services in Switzerland    
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    Our new project:
    Swiss Luxury Estates
    Visit also:
    Family Office in

    How to setup your
    business in Switzerland

    Are you a corporate or private investor, who would like to organize flow of funds, optimize taxation within a group of companies, widen their activity and maximize your income? We can help you benefit from unparalleled Switzerland's business environment coupled with business-friendly tax regulation.
    Business-Dialog (UNIKOM AG) provides ongoing professional services to help you establish a legal entity in Switzerland and apply for tax exemptions:
      Initial planning and development of your project
      Incorporation of your company and getting it up and running
      Negotiation of tax arrangements with Swiss authorities
      Representation on your behalf and key support services
      Legal support, accounting and bookkeeping
    Our services are provided in cooperation with qualified accounting, legal and investment advisory professionals, to make your business ideas come true and ensure a high credibility of your Swiss-based corporation.
    We take care of all aspects of your incorporation and functioning in Switzerland, steering you through the administrative formalities with the minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

    Want to incorporate a company?

    Three "WHY?"
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     - currency and price stability
     - first-rate infrastructure
     - social peace & political stability
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     - one of the lowest tax rates
       among industrialized countries
     - Swiss bank secrecy
     - secure investment climate
     - staid and respectable image

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     - we are action-oriented and
       experienced in formation of
     - our services are flexible,
       able to be customized to
       your needs
     - we are easy to work with
    We are one team with
    our clients and aimed at
    common success!

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